RT9000 Service Information bulletins
This section provides information on software updates and service related questions.
SIB 2001 (PDF) 3W PA, Discontinued parts

SIB 2002 (PDF) RT9000 Software upgrades, 1 of 2

SIB 2003 (PDF) RT9000 Software upgrades, 2 of 2

SIB 2004 (PDF) Tx Main Board, Preventive maintenance

SIB 2005 (PDF) RT9080 RSSI and Squelch

SIB 2006 (PDF) RT9080 Ring Detection

SIB 2007 (PDF) RT9000 Controller <Rev 7, >Rev 7B

SIB 2008 (PDF) Repeater and 4W E&M link setting

SIB 2009 (PDF) Link disconnect problem

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