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RF-Tel’s telephony products are based on single-channel radio systems that provide reliable telephone service to rural and remote areas where the installation of hardwired telephone systems is economically unattractive or environmentally unacceptable. These radio links are fully transparent to end-users, operate as if they were connected to telephone lines and provide the full range of telephone services such as private line ringing and dialing, modem, fax and Internet communications and payphone applications applications. The operation of the radio link is fully transparent to the end-user, operating as if it were wired to a telephone line.

A basic system consists of a central office radio that is connected to the National Telephone Network and of a remote-located subscriber unit connected to a standard telephone. Depending on terrain features and antenna height, distances of up to 80 kilometers may be covered reliably. If the terrain is such that the radios are located out-of-range, repeaters are deployed. A repeater consists of two radio units that are connected back-to-back.

Typical applications include, remote villages, construction sites, isolated farms and cottages, logging and mining operations, hydro electric dams sites, temporary installations and payphone service.

RF-Tel Communications was founded in 1984 and has provided quality products and services to its clients around the world. The company owns and operates from it's extensive facilities in Vaudreuil, Quebec, Canada.

Over 5,000 radio telephone systems have been installed to link remote areas to the national telephone networks in such areas as Asia-Pacific, Latin America, the Caribbeans, Africa, Middle East and Eastern Europe. Customers are mainly telephone operating companies as well as consulting firms and occasional end-users. Products are marketed mainly through a number of strategically located agents.

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