RT 9000 Technical Specifications
Frequency range 136-150MHz, 148-174MHz
  310-330MHz, 365-385MHz
  406-420MHz, 450-470MHz
Temperature range -30deg.C to +60deg.C
Input voltage 13.6Vdc nominal
Input current 1A Tx @ 1W, 150mA idle
  20mA current save
Operation Full duplex
Channel spacing 12.5kHz/20kHz/25kHz/30kHz
Frequency response Within +1, -3dB
  From .3 to 3.0kHz, 1kHz ref.
  From .3 to 3.4kHz, optional
Rx/Tx spacing 5-15MHz
Dimensions L 12",W 10",H 3.5"
Weight 11lbs (5kg)
Power output 1-10W adj. 1-20W adj.
Freq. stability +-0.0005%, +-0.0003%
Audio distortion <3% at 1kHz, 70% mod.
Signal to noise ratio >50dB
Spurious and harmonics 2µW max
Sensitivity Less than 0.3µV 12dB SINAD
  Less than 0.4µV 20dB quieting
Selectivity >70dB at 25kHz
Intermodulation <70dB
Spurious and Image >90dB
Hum and noise >50dB
Blocking >90dB
Loop resistance 1300 ohms max
Line level receive +7dBm max. at 3kHz deviation
2W line level transmit -20dBm min. for 3kHz deviation
Hybrid return loss >50dB at 1kHz
Loop current Current limited 30mA
Signalling 3825Hz out of band
Ring power 85Vac 20Hz/25Hz
Payphone interface Line reversal and 12/16kHz SPM

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