RT 9080

The RT9080 Unit was designed to provide continued support for the popular RT8150 RadioTelephone. It consists basically of an RT9000 VHF / UHF radio with an interface board onto which a regular RT8150 Sub or CO controller board can be mounted in piggyback fashion. Depending on the controller board mounted, the RT9080 operates as an RT8150 Sub or RT8150C.O.

The RT9080 can also be connected 4W E&M to a carrier system. In this case the C.O. is split into two units, the RT9080 E&M Radio which connects the remote carrier site to the Subscribers and the RT9080 E&M controller which connects the local carrier site to the two wire line. Because of the inband signaling used, 4 line partyline operation is maintained.

The radio parameters of the RT9080 are programmable via a personal computer using RF-Tel’s setup program. The RT9080 also has the signal strength indication feature of the RT9000. All audio connections such as Tip and Ring and 4W E&M are accessible on the DB-15 connector at the rear of the unit; the two-wire telephone line is also connected to a modular phone plug at the front panel. Programming the radio is via the DB-15 connector.

The RT9080 interface boards supports the following configurations selectable via four links.

- RT8150 Subscriber New designation RT9080 Subscriber

- RT8150 Central Office New designation RT9080 C.O.

- RT8150 E&M Radio New designation RT9080 E&M Radio

- RT8150 E&M Controller New designation RT9080 E&M controller

RT9080 Manual (PDF file)